Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

The Galaxy A32 sat on my desk for a while, before I got around to using it. And I’ve liked my experience with it. In this article, I will quickly go over the things I liked, the things I didn’t like, and more. The ‘more part’ will be me sharing my thoughts on Samsung’s pricing mainly. So let’s dive in…

With the 2021 Galaxy A-series, Samsung decided on a sort of uniform design and pastel-like colours. This year’s series sort of looks the same, and even I get confused at times. I have, in many instances, confused the Galaxy A32 and the Galaxy A52.

Anyway, that’s not taking away on the fact that these devices, look really good. The choice of these faded-like flat colours was a good one. And I quite like those blunt colour names; Awesome White, Awesome Blue etc.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

Design and Build Quality:

Like I’ve said above, the devices look good. The Galaxy A32 is also thin and light and feel very nice on the hand. However, I dislike the fear I have that the phone will in a few months of use have lots of scratches and look quite old. This is because Samsung is using this light plastic. I especially feel so because my unit is light grey and from a small scratch, I can already tell it will lose this premium look fast.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

I think if you’re getting the phone, pick up the white model. I feel like that one won’t show scratches. The only problem is it may change colour as it gets dirty. Which makes me really wish Samsung included plastic cases and covers in the box. Every other Android manufacturer includes one!

If you don’t want your phone to look old in a few months of use, then invest in a cover for the phone once you buy it.

By the way, the purple one (Called Awesome Violet) is a total beauty! From the renders to my actual interaction with one in-store. It’s so nice! I wish more phone manufacturers copy this colour.


Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

The one thing I don’t like about this display is that notch. For real. It doesn’t affect anything about the device, but it just looks dated. I wish Samsung went with a punch hole. But maybe it’s just me.

The rest of the display is great. It’s a 90Hz Super AMOLED panel so what do you expect? Punchy colours, true blacks. Super bright! Actually, this is one of the few devices at this price point that reaches 800nits. So your outdoor use won’t be a pain. And if you watch stuff on your phone, you will love the experience here. (As with many devices at this price point, the speakers aren’t that good).

For those who hate huge devices, this is a good middle ground. At 6.4-inches you may imagine it’s very big. It’s not. The weight, the reduced bezels, and the fact that it’s quite thin makes it feel like a compact phone. It will fit well on most hands. (Perhaps the fact I’ve been using huge devices is what’s making me think it’s a compact phone. Walk into a Samsung shop to test it out if you can.)


Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

These are good cameras. That’s the most I can say really. There’s nothing outstanding – apart from the Megapixel count really. In real-life use, you will still face challenges like poor quality in low light, blurred photos when you or the subject moves fast, and grainy videos.

The main camera takes respectable photos. I like that Samsung toned down on saturation. So colours look real. The dynamic range is also good, and you will be able to capture good landscape shots when it’s bright outdoors.

Night mode is there, but it is annoying. It sometimes takes forever to process, and the phone can sometimes force stop the camera. However, when you’re successful, the result can be quite good. But you need to be very patient with a shot.

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