Infinix Concept Phone features 160W Charger to fully charge in 10 Minutes

For a while now we’ve speculated – thanks to leaks online – that Infinix will be launching a flagship-level device. This, we’ve stated, will be called the Zero X. Well, things have taken a turn.

Yesterday, the phone we’ve seen in leaks was unveiled to the world. But as a “CONCEPT PHONE”. Which could mean a couple of things:

  1. Either it is still being worked on, with launch slated for sometime in the near future
  2. OR it is a real smartphone but only made to showcase what Infinix can do. Meaning only a couple of devices will be made.

In a Press Release from China, Infinix announced what we’ve called the ‘Zero X’ as their first concept phone. It is officially called the “INFINIX CONCEPT PHONE 2021“. This points to perhaps more concept phones from the company in the future.

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