All the M-Kopa phones you can buy in Kenya with KES. 60 daily installments

M-Kopa has grown from offering solar panels at daily installments to including other products from TVs to small fridges that cost 99k, and now phones. Their pay-as-you-go model allows Kenyans to take up a device, and pay for it in installments while using the device.

These are the smartphones you can get with M-Kopa in Kenya:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10s (2019)
  • Huawei Y5 Lite (2018)
  • Nokia 2.2 (2019)

With these devices you’re required to pay a one time deposit, and daily installments of KES. 60 for a given period of time.

Here’s a proper breakdown of the charges you incur buying an M-Kopa Phone:

Samsung Galaxy A10s Huawei Y5 Lite (2018) Nokia 2.2 (2019)
Original Price KES. 12,399 KES. 8,799 KES. 10,200
Deposit KES. 3499 KES. 1000 KES. 2,999
Daily Payments KES. 60 KES. 60 KES. 60
Total Number of Days to Pay 365 days _ days 330 days
Final Price you’ll pay KES. 25,400 KES. 18,000 KES. 22,799
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If you argue that the daily KES. 60 is better than saving and getting the device for the original price, then well and good. But remember:

  1. If you lose the device, you’ll continue paying the daily installments. There’s no insurance.
  2. If you don’t pay, the phone will be locked until you pay. (There’s also a touch of possible privacy issues here).
  3. The phone will only be completely yours after you’re done with the 365 days of payments.
  4. You cannot choose to get a better hire purchase plan in terms of cost to say clear your bill in a month instead of the year.
  5. You will have spent more than double the price of the device to finally own it.
  6. There’s no provision for upgrades, repairs incase anything goes wrong, or anything else. You’ll carter for all this yourself.
  7. You still have to buy data yourself. There’s no provision for that too at the KES. 60 daily cost.

It is also very important to check the specs advertised vs the actual specs of the device before picking up any other M-Kopa phones that may be introduced. For example, here’s a promo poster of the Y5 Lite from last year September claiming the Y5 Lite features a 4000mAh battery:

This is untrue. The Y5 Lite has a 3020mAh battery. It is important to check the M-Kopa advertised specs with real specs of the device before opting for the deals.

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